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Our world is getting more and more connected each day. Various cultures, communities and individuals are being brought closure than has ever been seen before. The Internet or the World Wide Web as it used to be known as, is an interesting realm of infinite possibilities. It’s a place where one’s imagination has no limits to what can be created and spread out into the world at large. And it’s only going to get more interesting as time progresses.

So many of my own peers and juniors are regular users of social media applications, be it Facebook, chat apps, blogs or adding videos on YouTube. Obviously it safe to say that the Internet along with all these new forms of communicating with people has changed our lives for good. But, believe it or not, I tried to resist this change. You could say that I started to behave more like a stone relic that resisted any attempts being made to modify its form. What I soon realized was the need to be more like a sizeable chunk of clay, which let the forces of change create something interesting and new. I asked myself that if I wished to make it in this world I needed to change the way I lived in it. And by that I mean learning new tricks and new tools of how to be a more connected and informed human being. For failing to adapt meant failing to survive and thrive.

More importantly, in my line of work, which is communications, it is becoming highly essential to stay connected and showcase who you are and what you can do. So here goes, without any more looking back, the first of what I hope will be many blog articles that sees me share my thoughts with the world around me and grow as a professional and person in this modern age. Next Take please!