Photo credit: Clayton Mendonca

The radio show – “Speed Zone” – channel 102.5 Shockwave FM, was a part of a college project during my PG course. It was really fun to do. One pretty hilarious point in this was that after we had concluded our work for this show, we had taken a series of pictures along with this funny one to the left (*Featured from right: Nishtha, Bhakti, Me and Ananta). Little did we know that a few years later when a journalist from DNA newspaper was writing a big article on colleges in Mumbai offering radio jockey courses, she’d use this picture in a fairly large spread. You could say that we become “Celebs for the day” when that story came out! Ok two days actually! Right guys! Hehe!

That aside, a big learning for me, was the deeper revelation of the type of impact an audio medium like radio can have on the subconscious mind of a listener. Plus, what I found interesting about radio was that it does not impose any restrictions on the listener. It allows one to continue “to move freely and not be tied to down to it.” It gives you the open space to tap your imagination and provide the missing visual imagery when a song is playing, the radio jockey(s) are speaking and when the news items are being aired.

Radio takes away the unnecessary visual clutter that television screens or computer monitors impose on us and opens a clear channel that allows one to really pay closer attention and absorb the subject matter in a richer and more memorable manner. Next Take please!