Album cover: To me, this album artwork stands out as one of the two iconic sleeves by the band. The other being The Dark Side Of The Moon. What’s interesting are the two ways you can look at the image. The two faces looking at each other, frozen in a moment conversation, is nicely captured with the small lights in the distance, shown between their mouths. But if you move further away from it, both faces seem to appear as one face. This sleeve takes its inspiration from the song “Keep Talking.”

Overall album: The Division Bell to me, represents the most complete and in-depth experience of the universe of Pink Floyd. It is so diverse and other worldly in many parts, but yet it is able to take the listener along this mystical journey, which is intoxicating from start to finish.


Cluster One: Is an interesting instrumental track that starts very softly and then gently eases you into this calm river of sound. Richard’s piano work here is really interesting.

What Do You Want From Me: A hard and in your face type of track that combines certain dark elements mixed with the standard shifts in musical parts that are a trademark of Pink Floyd.

Poles Apart: Very tongue in cheek lyrically. Musically it has an interesting acoustic guitar rhythm that drives the melody through this wall of sound. The middle section takes things to a different area, before coming back to the main tune.

Marooned: A very famous track by the band and the second instrumental on this album. All I have to say is ‘Wow!’ This tune immediately makes you feel that you’re on a tropical island and watching the early morning sunrise over the waves, as a strong wind is blowing.

A Great Day For Freedom: Took me a little while to get into this track but in short its a good mid tempo rock song. It has some interesting guitars licks here.

Wearing The Inside Out: Very bluesy and one where you get to hear that great saxophone, which most fans would recall was also on the song ‘Money’ from The Dark Side Of The Moon. Richard shines with his singing abilities here.

Take It Back: A very upbeat and uplifting song that takes you on an interesting journey. To me it’s a great song to listen to when you’re on a flight as you feel its transporting you over the clouds.

Coming Back To Life: The most recognized and famous track from this album. It’s impossible not to like it. The slow build up to this great chugging riff and beat would put a smile on anyone’s face. David does a classic job on soloing here as well as Nick, who provides great drumming groove to.

Keep Talking: This one has some very dark undertones and you feel like its taking you through a storm. But more than that its so well balanced, combining an array of instruments and sounds that churn through your mind in an awesome way.

Lost For Words: I would call this the happiest and catchiest song on the record. You fall in love with it instantly and you can’t help but press repeat for a couple of times more.

High Hopes: The album’s masterpiece and by far my all time favorite Pink Floyd song. The sense of sorrow, pain and longing are beautifully put forth through David’s singing. More so, this song contains what I consider to be the greatest guitar solo ever played. When David launches into it towards the end, you can’t help but feel your own heart yearning for something that once lay in your own past.

Ultimate Album Song: High Hopes

The Band: Richard Wright (Vocals/ Keyboards/ Piano), David Gilmour (Vocals/ Guitars/ Bass/ Talk Box), Nick Mason (Drums)

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