Album cover: A straight no nonsense album cover, which shows a guy getting punched in the face. Definitely ties in with the title in a neat way. Although I’m not too fond of the font used for the album title itself, this sleeve is still my favorite from the entire Pantera discography.

Overall album: To me, Vulgar Display Of Power is the quintessential sound of Pantera. Whenever anyone, who hasn’t heard anything from this legendary band, asks me where they can start, I point them to this album. It is brutally heavy, powerful and in totally in your face. More so, it embodies everything that heavy metal stands for in so many ways. A metal masterpiece!


Mouth For War: This song kicks of with what I call as a heavy sliding type of riff. It’s like a high speed train that’s not willing to stop for anything. Dimebag Darrell delivers some killer solos and hits the accelerator in the middle, taking the listener on a faster plane of sonic madness.

A New Level: A menacing flow of sound sweeps you down a dark river through the metal world. Head banging delight!

Walk: The first song I ever heard from Pantera and it’s still my absolute favourite. Dimebag and his brother Vinnie Paul get this great mix going of heavy guitar riffs and bouncing drum beats. It’s a mid-tempo track but listening to Phil spit out his lyrics, you know the band means business.

Fucking Hostile: A short track but a brutally fast one at that. This is a concert favourite for many fans and really gets the mosh pits going crazy.

This Love: A slow and almost cynical sound if I can call it that, but one where all four band members throw out this brooding, yet awesome track.

Rise: The song hits you square in the face with this literal tsunami of sound before you experience this rattling structure that follows.

No Good (Attack The Radical): This one I feel is pretty direct. But over hear the diabolical way in which Phil sings the verses and Rex accompanies him with this heavy bass tones is something to really watch out for.

Live In A Hole: A heavy drum and bass line are what catch you’re attention here. Dimebag delivers some interesting high solos notes and distortion chords across this song.

Regular People (Conceit): Heavy pounding is what greets your ears at the start before it launches into a wild rush of music that takes you on one heck of a ride indeed!

By Demons Be Driven: A mid-tempo track that follows with wailing guitars and brutally heavy drumming, which hits you at regular intervals.

Hollow: The ballad type track on the album that shows a very different side to the band. You can really hear a lot of emotion flow from Phil as he sings about a friend, who is in a coma. The previous time you heard him sing this way was on Cemetery Gates of The Cowboys From Hell record. The song’s mid section changes tempo and gets heavier. But just that mid section reminds me of Ozzy Osbourne’s song Diary Of A Madman. Definitely not a copy but a great part that transitions the song to another level!

Ultimate Album Song: Walk

The Band: Phil Anselmo (Vocals), Vinnie Paul Abbott (Drums), Darrell Abbott (Guitars), Rex Brown (Bass)

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