Book Genre: Biographical Fiction/ Philosophy

Book Synopsis: They say that still waters run deep. With that in mind, the person in question fits that description perfectly. After years of being pursued by yours truly, Hybrid Black – as he would like to be known – finally agreed to share some of his deepest thoughts on life with me. In addition, he also agreed to have some of his more memorable quotes as well as a select set of his private literary works included in this book. Combined with the interview transcript, the entire collection offers an interesting perspective on contemporary life.

But who is Hybrid Black you might ask? Well for the moment, let us just say that he is one of the crazy ones, an enigma, a silent warrior; a person who is determined to change the world in a very positive way!

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Cover design by Vishrut Bhatt:

I) The original photograph (used for the book’s front cover) was taken by Hybrid Black of a very dear friend of his.

II) The meaning of the alias of Hybrid Black, as told to the author, is that Hybrid (refers to the man in question’s origins) and Black (refers to a cloth that covers something without giving away any details until the right time…much like how at an auto show a new car model is revealed, when the company representatives draw back the cover(s) on a static display.)