Book Genre: Science Fiction/ Adventure Fiction

Book Synopsis: The year is 2100.  John Stroff and his team of seven, code named Air Hawk, are on a global mission to the Earth-like planet of Greenleaf, located in the Holarid solar system.  Their assignment is to identify, capture and bring back a set of land, air and marine wildlife species to repopulate the Earth with, which at this point in time, has seen most of its fauna become extinct.

Greenleaf teems with an abundance of natural life and environmental ecosystems that match Earth’s, from around 5,000 years ago.  However, not all of the migrant and native human inhabitants living on Greenleaf at Alita Island are happy about this mission, with a secret organization called the New World Legionnaires looking to make their planet an independent colony from Earth.

While Stroff’s mission to Greenleaf starts successfully, there is a shocking discovery made soon after, which will smash the very foundations upon which humanity’s story of origin has been built and believed, for the last 65 centuries.

Orion’s Children is the first installment in “The Books Of Revelation” series.

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Cover design by Vishrut Bhatt:

I) The genesis of the idea for Orion’s Children occurred when the author was nine years old.

II) Orion’s Children was originally meant to be titled as “Aspire” and was intended to be a part of a trilogy.

III) The roots of the story of Orion’s Children draw from four subject areas that the author is deeply passionate about, which are space travel, the ancient astronaut theory, wildlife and spirituality.

IV) The book contains some Easter Eggs if you will.  Some of which include:

  • The mission day – May 28th – mentioned at the start of the story is a nod to the author’s father, who was born on that date.
  • The Mandela International Spaceport mentioned in the story is fictional but is meant to serve as a tribute to the late South African leader – Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.
  • Several of the people listed as famous Earth astronauts in the early part of the story are in fact friends of the author. They include Andy Wadhwa, Keely Stephens, Aaron Grabein, K.J. Writer, Pradeep Dewars and Morgan Witte.
  • One member of the Air Hawk team was created as a tribute to one of the author’s dearest friends – the late Ali Mehdi.
  • Two famous wildlife authors are listed in the story, where the character of President Kenneth Anderson is once again a tribute to the actual person, who once existed. The other is Jim Corbett, who the main character John Stroff mentions during one point in the story.
  • The Iron Maiden t-shirt worn by John Stroff in one part of the story, is a call out to one of the author’s favorite music groups. Incidentally, the t-shirt according to the author, would be related to The Final Frontier album.