Photo credit: Srinivasan Moorthy

Some of you may remember this Disney animated film called ‘Dumbo’ about a little baby elephant with over-sized ears. Every other elephant he is with, in the Circus, makes fun of him including the spectators who come to visit. However, his mother, “Mrs. Jumbo” always keeps him protected from everyone around and displays the greatest sense of tenderness, love and care towards little Dumbo. I love that little guy but what I love most about Dumbo is the relationship he has with his mother. The most touching moment in the film is when he goes to visit her while she’s been locked up in a prison carriage. She’s in there because in the previous scene, she tries to defend him from being attacked by a group of people visiting the circus and as a result the circus management thinks she has gone mad. Returning to the prison carriage, she can only get her trunk through the window and so gently lifts Dumbo up and cradles him for a while. At that point this beautiful song plays in the background – “Baby Mine!” (*YouTube video below) At the end of the film, Dumbo is reunited with his mother, which is an equally touching moment.

This film about Dumbo and his relationship with his mother is the best way for me to describe my relationship with my mother. When I look back on my life and on a lot of the triumphant and trying moments I’ve gone through, she was always there and was always so supportive, understanding and caring. I sometimes, feel a bit ashamed when I realize how I took her for granted at so many points, though knowing my mother; she’d say I never did. Still, even if I tried, I know I could never repay her for all that she’s ever done for me.

Indeed, I am sure that all of us can say, with great fondness, that our mothers did so much for us and sacrificed a great deal so that we could always be happy. Not only did they give us life but they also gave us an undying love and a haven, where we could rest our tired little wings and rejuvenate ourselves in quiet comfort.

My mother taught me a lot of things and if I could choose a few key lessons, I’d say she taught me to always be a true and honest human being, to think deeper, to live more, to not get mad but get ahead and to always know that in the end I was the keeper of my own freedom. It was up to me to push myself and fly higher in order to discover more.

And so to my dearest mother, all I can say for now is “Thank you!” and above all “I Love you!” Here’s to you “Mother Of Mine!” From your proud little son – Rohan. Next Take please!