Album cover: I consider this to be the best album artwork from the band’s entire discography. It really hits home about the overall theme and message of the album. It speaks volumes about the futility and stupidity of war, where people are treated as puppets by power hungry leaders.

Overall album: Master of Puppets is a ferocious, brutal and power driven album that combines some of the most memorable and well structured riffs in heavy metal. Plus, just as interesting is its lyrical content, which is legendary and beautifully poetic. Metallica also display their epic musicianship here with an incorporation of acoustic and harmonic sounds that give this album its ethereal value.


Battery: The song begins with an interesting acoustic section that may in fact fool some listeners into thinking that this album may be a bit soft. But it is anything but that. As soon as the acoustic part ends, this tidal wave of brutality strikes at you and leaves you spell bound. Heavy in every way, it takes you on a whirlwind ride till the final note has been played out.

Master Of Puppets: The title track and one of the most well-known songs Metallica has ever penned. This song gallops at an amazing pace till it breaks in the middle, where this beautiful melodic section slows things down a bit. Kirk really shows you his guitar pros here, before the thundering riff and echoing vocals swallow you back into the storm that rages to the end.

The Thing That Should Not Be: This song like Battery begins with an acoustic sound before breaking into an angry charge. It’s dark and deep and has a massive mix of guitar tones that pull you in different directions.

Welcome Home (Sanitarium): An almost ballad type track for the most part, this song is greatly adored by Metallica fans. James voice is unbelievable as he shares the thoughts of an inmate at a mental hospital. The latter part of the song is hard hitting and shows you why Metallica are indeed legends in their own right.

Disposable Heroes: A heavy track that winds across many shifts in tempo. The lyrics here are pretty interesting.

Leper Messiah: A very peculiar riff that plays throughout most of this song. The middle section speeds things up a bit, where you are assaulted by a stream of guitar solos.

Orion: Brilliant. To me this is the greatest instrumental by the band and one that is in a class of its own. There isn’t a fan that has not loved this song. Cliff Burton (R.I.P.) shines like a star here! Literally!

Damage Inc.: Crazily heavy and ear splitting, this is the rawest song of the record and what a way to close things off. Metal intensity at its best!

Ultimate Album Song: Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

The Band: James Hetfield (Vocals/ Guitars), Kirk Hammet (Guitars), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Cliff Burton (Bass)

Image source: images6.fanpop