Album cover: At first glance the cover doesn’t seem like much until you actually pay closer attention. It is only then you realize just how cool it is. The basic layout is of an air vent, covered with flies, in one of the prison walls that overlooks the inmates (essentially humanity) walking towards their own destruction, which is shown as a massive nuclear (I guess) explosion in the distance. Quite a chilling depiction!

Overall album: While I do love the classic records of Megadeth, Endgame seems to be the ultimate blend of all the sounds that made the group famous with a very forward looking approach/ feel to it. It is very well balanced but heavy and razor sharp in every way.


Dialectic Chaos: The second time, the band started an album with a musical number and boy does this number tear through every cynics ear. Even metal fans, who aren’t Megadeth fans, should check this number out.

This Day We Fight!: A blistering guitar shred fest here. You can feel the raw aggression coming straight at you and it does pack a deadly punch. Fast and heavy the way we like it!

44 Minutes: All about a bank robbery but this tune surprises you each time you listen to it. You discover something new and it gets very addictive. A more commercial track but not one that sells out to the mainstream.

1,320: Took a while to get into this track but definitely a song that would meet any Need For Speed fans approval. A great driving song in other words.

Bite The Hand: A pretty straightforward rock type track and one that has an interesting plodding tone to it.

Bodies: Seething with anger. This track seems to fill the space around you and makes you feel that something ominous is about to take place.

Endgame: Wow! An epic track that starts slow and builds up with each passing second. Something that good easily pass off as a song from the band’s earlier catalog.

The Hardest Part Of Letting Go…Sealed With A Kiss: Wow again! This has to easily be the second best ballad track the band has done (but with a devilish twist I might add). It sits straight after their world famous ballad type track – A Toute Le Monde from the album Youthanasia.

Head Crusher: Brutal! This song just hits you as soon as it blares out of your speakers. A fast assault that pauses in the middle with this heavy chugging riff and ends in a whirlwind of guitar solos. Very cool!

How The Story Ends: A great balance of acoustic elements and heavy riffing. This track does take you on an interesting journey.

The Right To Go Insane: Damn! The starting bass tone just grabs you. It then kicks of into a hard verse and eventually into bitter chorus. A great way to close off the album!

Ultimate Album Song: Head Crusher

The Band: Chris Broderick (Guitars), Dave Mustaine (Vocals/ Guitars), Shawn Drover (Drums), James LoMenzo (Bass)

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