Album cover: This album sleeve is unbelievably cool. The whole idea of having Eddie (band mascot) in the sky causing a massive storm over a futuristic version of London city is simply awesome. It truly symbolized Iron Maiden’s rebirth and return to the forefront of heavy metal and awesome musicianship.

Overall album: Brave New World encapsulates all the elements that Maiden became known for and at the same time incorporates some very progressive sounds. It shows a band willing to take risks and deliver something outstanding.


The Wicker Man: What a great opener! The starting riff by Adrian Smith really sets a tone to let the listener know that they are in for a really fun ride from start to finish. Extremely catchy and very memorable. Bruce has you hooked with his words!

Ghost Of The Navigator: Haunting and makes you think of the ancient mariners of the past on their voyages to worlds unknown.

Brave New World: A classic and interesting track. This one is so unlike Maiden’s earlier work and has a really nice vibe to it. A personal favorite.

Blood Brothers: An epic one and by far the most outstanding song on this album. It combines so many different musical elements but yet retains its heavy metal roots. Haunting, dark, beautiful and epic! Steve I thank you!

The Mercenary: A straightforward heavy number with rock rock solid chugging riff.

Dream Of Mirrors: A track that is mesmerizing and other wordly. It lifts you up gently and swirls you around this maze of sound.

Fallen Angel: Another hard rocking track and a good head banger at that.

The Nomad: Deadly and almost scary in some ways. The main part of the song seems very reminiscent of a classic movie soundtrack. I always think of Laurence of Arabia when I hear it. The middle section is unbelievably seductive to the ears. Nicko shines on this one.

Out Of The Silent Planet: A massive storm of sounds that seem to collide with one another. Janick, Dave and Adrian go crazy here.

The Thin Line Between Love And Hate: A beautiful number that is so epic on so many different levels. The final set of guitar solos are the stuff of legends and would make any music lover smile!

Ultimate Album Song: Blood Brothers

The Band: Adrian Smith (Guitars), Nicko McBrain (Drums), Bruce Dickinson (Vocals), Steve Harris (Bass), Janick Gers (Guitars), Dave Murray (Guitars)

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