Photo credit: Heather Moorthy

The first time I opened my eyes he was there looking at me. With a deep sense of love and tenderness that only he knew how to give. They say that for children who have just entered the world, to open their eyes so soon is indeed rare. But I did because I knew he was watching over me and I just had to see him right then. My next memory is when I used my two little legs and began to walk beyond my play area and into the great world beyond. As I did so, he held my hand and guided me while paying very careful attention to each and every step I took. When I first touched the surface of the Ocean he held me on his shoulders and carried me in so that I would learn to be brave and know no fear and thereby, learn to be my own master.

As the years passed, he groomed me and showed me what was important to know in this life. He did not mould me as a replica of himself but helped me to unearth the person that I really am. Even in my darkest hours, when the world itself had turned against me and life was crashing down, due to the unimaginable seismic activity of negative forces and people around me, it was his spirit that held back the onslaught that would have otherwise crushed me. Though I was grateful, I still couldn’t help but feel small about myself as I felt incapable of handling life on my own. His answer to me, at such points, was always the same. “Remember who you are my son! You are great and one day you’ll realize it, just as I did when I first saw you when you were born!” With those immortal words still ringing in my head, I look back on my life now and see how wondrous, strong, passionate, dedicated, loyal and fearless my father was and is. There has been no one quite like him, who has stood so tall and kept me so protected and loved as he has.

Indeed, for almost every young boy, there can be no greater hero than his own father. We may have our idols in the field of sports, music, films and comics but none of whom can serve as a greater life mentor than our dad’s. Ever since I was little, my dad has always been my greatest hero. And he always will be!

Thanks Dad, for everything! You truly are the real “Iron Man!” And so for all these years and for evermore I have and will continue to walk in your footsteps – “In The Footsteps Of A GIANT!!!” Next Take please!