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Clue no. #1: From the very first time people across England heard his name and read about his original adventure – A study in scarlet (1887) – he captured theirs and eventually the world’s imagination in a profound way. Conceived and brought to life through a series of riveting crime sagas by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he has become one of literature’s and modern culture’s timeless characters.

Clue no. #2: Whether it was deducing the devious plots of his arch nemesis Professor Moriaty or solving some of his most notable cases such as the Hound of the Baskervilles, he has become a symbol of righteousness for having ensured that justice is delivered upon even the most slippery of conspirators. Fueled even more, by the new revamped Hollywood blockbusters with a modern twist, his legacy is only set to endure well into the future. However, putting aside all the glamour, if we were to dissect his stellar image and examine it closely, we’d find that it reveals one key trait that makes him the world’s most beloved detective. This trait is his power of observation, which is perfectly matched by his vast pool of knowledge. Though the latter is crucial, it is, however, the former part that aids in him to construct a mental map of the crime as well as understand the mind of the criminal in question.

Observation: His ability to enhance, harness and sharpen his own observational and analytical abilities by consistently challenging himself are what allow him to outwit even the most cunning and hardened criminals. Also, a further look reveals that if he didn’t stay aware of the present moment, then the magnitude of his success would have been limited and he would have quite easily succumbed to the dire predicament that faced him above the Reichenbach falls.

Analysis: This revelation may be linked to our own lives, for we live each moment so engrossed in our own thoughts that repeat themselves continuously that we tend to miss out on the world around us. For instance, is it not strange then that when we break away from this unintentional and monotonous mental routine do we notice things that were right there in front of us but never caught our attention before? This could be noticing a building or a shop along the same road we’ve been taking to work for years or seeing a new side to a person’s character that we were too blinded to notice earlier due to our own preoccupied minds.

Conclusion: When we pay attention to the details in our own life, we’d notice that our existence gets even richer in terms of adding greater value to our relationships, seizing opportunities when they come our way, foreseeing the potential outcome of the plans we make for our lives as well as understanding premonitions within our immediate environment. All it requires is a simple change of heart and further control of our mind. Simple isn’t it? Or as the man in question would say “Elementary my dear fellow…” Next Take please!