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Off late the number of emails, discussion forums, television documentaries, editorial features and social rallies focused on the doomsday prophesy of 2012 have increased significantly. The stipulated date that is constantly being highlighted is the 21st of December (Friday), which is supposed to herald the beginning of the most violent and destructive phase that humanity has ever witnessed. The result that will follow this great disaster is the total annihilation of the entire human race. Fueling this mass doomsday hysteria are the supposed ancient prophecies of long deceased civilizations, namely the Mayan from South America. Added to this, the religious texts of several major world religions are also said to contain within them prophesies that when translated refer to our present decade. However, what they point to is the final showdown between Good and Evil or the “Day of God’s final judgment of the Earth.”

Currently, we have seen an escalation in the number of man made and natural disasters such as war, economic collapse, famine, mass flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis and shifts in global weather; leaving many to speculate that the sudden increase does in fact mean that all life on Earth has a little more than a year to live. The cause of this widespread mass extinction, it is hypothesized, will be due to a massive and unprecedented rise in the sea and ocean levels caused by a sudden magnetic shift in the Earth’s poles. However, I would like to add here that many geologists have confirmed that the Earth’s North and South Pole have indeed moved to a significant degree from their recorded position more than a century ago. The pole shift will trigger a series of massive series of tsunami waves that will engulf and submerge all known continental land masses. For those who did watch it, this was spectacularly shown in the Hollywood blockbuster – 2012.

However, before we press the panic button, we need to look back a bit over the past 20 odd years. If we did so, then we see that all of us should have been dead by now. Why? Because there were several other years that were meant to spell doom for the Earth and humankind. These doomsday years were 1994 (The emergence of the Third Anti-Christ), 1996 (Collision of a giant asteroid with the Earth) 1999 (The beginning of the deadliest nuclear war in history – World War III), 2000 (The complete crash of all computer systems – the famous Y2K – and the possible rise of terminator like machines), 2001 (The Apocalypse would occur across the Earth following the 9/11 attacks) and 2006 (The doomsday date of the 6th of June – 06.06.06, which literally comes to 666, which is considered to be the number of the Devil). For those of us who were in our teens and early adulthood, will remember that these scares that were highlighted, turned out to be hollow and without any merit. Plus, I will mention that recently news reports from around the world highlighted the prophecy of a modern day U.S. based preacher named Harold Camping, who vociferously declared that world would end on the 21st of May, 2011. Well the day came and went without incident and we’re still here aren’t we? Dear Mr. Camping, then immediately issued another prophecy saying that his calculations were 5 months of and that the new date will be around the end of October, 2011. If nothing happens, then why should we believe in something so vague like 2012?

Well the truth is that, most reinterpretations of the so-called doomsday prophesies, now strongly suggest that what awaits us next year is not disaster but salvation. They state that the Fourth Human World of Existence is ending and that the Fifth Human World of Existence will begin. It is described an era of rebirth and prosperity. A clear shift will occur in the human consciousness from negativity, war and mutual hatred towards positivity and enlightenment. The “shift” will not be the Earth’s poles but a “shift in human outlook and behavior.” There will be a spiritual cleansing and the long reign of suffering would begin to decrease significantly. In fact, many scholars and followers of the 15th Century French Clairvoyant Nostradamus suggest that by the end of next year the thousand years of peace, he wrote of will begin.

Whatever awaits us, one thing is certain, humanity needs to shift from its destructive ways and move towards compassion and upliftment. For nearly 70 years, the bloodiest conflicts have raged and the quality of life has dropped considerably. To challenge this state, we need to challenge ourselves and begin transforming our lives in the direction of the Utopian society we wish to have. By doing so, those around us will bear witness to the triumph of such change and soon follow. Thus, leading to a domino effect and tipping the scales back towards an equilibrium state. Thereby, fulfilling the predicted spiritual shift that the Mayan’s originally said would happen and which would “wash away the sins of our past and prepare humanity for a serene future ahead!” Next Take please!