Album cover: Very spiritual and mystic. If you look closely you will see not just the face of a woman in deep meditation but also a language script spread across as well as the image of a smiling Buddha. I think Def Leppard made the right choice in selecting artwork that was in many ways different from their usual style. This one feels captivating.

Overall album: Slang really is a treat to hear. You get such a wide array of different sounds. It combines heavy metal with industrial rock, sonic harmonies and surprising twists. But more than anything it has some deep and dark overtones to it.


Truth: This is an awesome opener. This track draws you in and takes you on a wild ride through a storm of sound. Very different from anything Leppard has ever done.

Turn to Dust: Classical Indian music influences in this mid-tempo track. Really interesting how it blends into the hard rock sound.

Slang: A classic yet funky track that does get your feet tapping. Very interesting vocal style by Joe.

All I Want Is Everything: A dark brooding number that really is awesome on so many levels. Brilliant lyrics. This track is one of my two most favorite numbers from this album. Joe’s voice is just perfect here.

Work It Out: I always think of lightning when I listen to this song. It’s got a great electronic vibe to it.

Breathe A Sigh: A soothing and laid back song that gently elevates the listeners into this crescendo of solid harmony. Strong blues influence here.

Deliver Me: Dark and angry. Yet, a very menacing performance by Joe, which makes this one all the more cooler.

Gift Of Flesh: Wow, a total metal feast in a way here. This song is really and explosion of sounds from start to finish.

Blood Runs Cold: A song dedicated to Steve Clark and so beautifully written. Really does send chills down my spine.

Where Does Love Go When It Dies: Simply gorgeous and filled with a variety of harmony. This song is powerful and so thought provoking. My second favorite.

Pearl Of Euphoria: The darkest song Leppard has ever put out in my opinion. Rick Savages bass and Rick Allen’s drums here are brilliant. Phil and Vivian deliver their most haunting guitar work ever.

Move With Me Slowly: A cool feel good number with a very progressive rhythm section thrown in. Nice!

Ultimate Album Song: Where Does Love Go When It Dies

The Band: Vivian Campbell (Guitars), Phil Collen (Guitars), Rick Savage (Bass), Joe Elliott (Vocal/ Additional Guitars), Rick Allen (Drums)

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