Album cover: One of the simplest covers I’ve ever come across but a nice one at that. It seems to have a calming effect, while at the same time stirring up a bit of curiosity as to what’s inside.

Overall album: Collective Soul have been a very interesting band through and through. While for some reason many slot them under the grunge band movement of the early 90’s, they are far from it. This is a band that has been able to consistently keep challenging itself and deliver some awesome hooks, melody, vocal delivery and sound variation that very few of their peers have been able to replicate. In all, the Blue Album is the definitive Collective Soul sound that can only put a smile on your face, each time you listen to it.


Simple: A bit of low key, funky tune is what initially greets you before the song launches in to a raw unadulterated mix of rock and rasping vocals. The riff in this track just stays in your head long after the last note has gone down.

Untitled: Bit of strange title you could say. But nothing strange about the song itself. Ed delivers a very preachy tone in this track. But when that chorus hits with its distorted sound, that is really what sticks with you.

The World I Know: One of Collective Souls most famous and most powerful tracks. This is the first I ever heard from them. The use of Chellos and strings in this track elevate it and give it a stellar like quality. The shifts in melody and rise and fall of music and lyric before the final crescendo make it an epic one in every way.

Smashing Young Man: I rate this track as more of a funk one that sees the band having fun and going in all sorts of directions with these little bits of interesting music being placed in with the main tune.

December: Initially, I did find the vocal delivery here quite funny (in a good way!). But over time it grew on me. This song sort of draws you and then takes you on interesting journey, where you wish it wouldn’t end.

Where The River Flows: A pretty monstrous riff galvanizes this track into action and looms over everything else. One of the more aggressive and darker tunes on the album.

Gel: Straight off this song gets you. Very catchy and very addictive I might add. Like the previous track this has a pretty aggressive and edgy element to it. Great guitar work by the Dean and Ross on this one.

She Gathers Rain: A mid-tempo track that has a strong crunch to it. It takes it time to build up but maintains its potency till the end.

When The Water Falls: A very charming and sweet ballad track that you can keep on repeat. You feel that Ed is almost telling you a story, which just keeps you riveted.

Collection Of Goods: A bit of a laid back track that’s easy listening. That being said it doesn’t have much depth to it. But not bad in anyway.

Bleed: This tune just hooks you and never lets you go. Will and Shane display their chops on this song, where it seems to have a duel of sorts going off between them. Not be left behind, both Dean and Ross put on a fine layer of melody.

Reunion: A short track and one that seems to have a strong blues feel to it. The vocal delivery here is really strong between Ed and the apparent choir of folks backing him up. A great way to close off the album.

Ultimate Album Song: The World I Know

The Band: Will Turpin (Vocals, Bass), Dean Roland (Guitars), Ed Roland (Vocals, Guitars), Shane Evans (Drums), Ross Childress (Guitars)