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A few months ago, Raghu Raman, an expert and commentator on internal security, wrote a very interesting article, analyzing the Major Wars that have taken place, beginning with World War I nearly a century ago. This article was published in Mint, one of India’s popular business newspapers. His analysis examined all the major conflicts that have occurred throughout the World, while also classifying the transition that occurred between each conflict and the approach being adopted by nations to counter the “evil forces at work.” His analysis, I find, was enthralling and insightful. He, I believe, has clearly articulated what most political commentators have not. His conclusion is simple and that is that what the World is presently engaged in is World War IV.

I am sure most of those who read this would immediately raise a question and say “Hey but what happened to World War III?” and you wouldn’t be wrong in saying that. His logic is simple. Though most of the world acknowledges World War I and World War II, no label has been given to the other connected World Wars. When analyzed carefully, you’d find that World War III was in fact the Cold War, which began shortly after the conclusion of World War II and ended in the early 1990’s with the collapse of the former Soviet Union. World War IV kicked off with the 9/11 attacks. His argument is based on several factors that include automation, mobility, ideology and radicalism. And it only gets more disturbing.

If one were to look at the time frame for each war, you’d find that: World War I (*lasted approximately 4 years), World War II (*lasted approximately 6 years), World War III (*lasted approximately 44 years) and World War IV (*lasted approximately 10 years so far), although out of all of them, World War II has had the most far reaching devastation. Hence, I think Albert Einstein may have been a little off when he said “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Thankfully, such large scale devastation has not occurred so far to result in fulfilling Einstein’s prediction.

I would like to encourage you to read Raghu Raman’s article, which can be found here: I let you be the judge. I will however add this that, when a War involves let’s say more than two or three countries and by that I mean countries from different regions and continents, we could call that as a World War. Plus, another point to keep in mind is that a World War not only involves armies and equipment but it also influences and many times has a direct impact on World Economies, Civilians, Civil Rights & Safety, Food and Water resources as well as Political and Social focus. Therefore, we need to ask ourselves, what is it that we should do to counter the rampaging evil that fuels Wars and bring in a ‘New World Order’. Lord knows we all need it and we need to act now. Till that happens, God bless humanity and all of God’s creations. Next Take please!